Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 101: The Addiction We Have To Figuring Things Out

It’s a challenge for people living in a world where people keep saying “Think about it,” “Keep working on it, you’ll figure it out;” “You just need to give it some more thought!” to resist the temptation to work hard at figuring everything out.  Figuring out what’s wrong with them, figuring out HOW to DO rather than looking to SEE and KNOW.  The effort to keep on trying to figure things out keeps us from quieting our minds and realizing the wisdom always accessible to us.  When we find our inner, spiritual strength, though, answers come to us effortlessly and we know them by the good feeling they bring.  Wisdom, as Sydney Banks said, arises from deep within our own consciousness.  We would add, never from the memory bank we call the intellect.

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