Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 103: Nobody Else Knows What You Should Do

We are all vulnerable to “experts” promoting their advice, whether it be lifestyle coaching, investing, parenting, stress management, breaking habits — and on and on.  We tend to think if we’re struggling with something, the best solution is to turn to someone who is smarter/wiser than we are and ask them.  The catch in that is, even when they DO give us good advice, most of us don’t follow it.  And we get more frustrated.  That’s because the one true “expert” in your life is YOUR OWN WISDOM.  When your mind quiets and your thinking slows down and you’re open and curious, wisdom flows through you and you get the AHA! moments that guide you through your life’s ups and downs.

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Elizabeth A. Lovejoy-Yundt
Elizabeth A. Lovejoy-Yundt
1 year ago

Aloha, I’m not sure why it took me till now to get this, and I am grateful to really GET this! I was reflecting back on how many times I got caught up in needing to tell a story, or go look for a list of ways to find the answer for myself and others, instead of just being in the moment of knowing I am in the flow and to trust the process through to the insights.
Mahalo nui loa to you both! Keep giggling… I really love that you gals have such a great time together and the humor helps healing happen.

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