Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 110: Listen for the Feeling

It often confuses people to hear the expression “Listen for a Feeling.”  Listening is deeper than simply hearing sounds with our ears; when we truly listen, our minds are free of personal thinking; we are present; we experience the moment fully; we KNOW beyond the words we hear.  That is the feeling state in which we feel connected to life, we feel at peace and in touch.  We are neutral and non-judgmental.  Then we can truly KNOW the feeling state of others around us.  This feeling has nothing to do with emotions, which are created by our personal thoughts.  It has to do with the deeper sense of life we have when we are not caught up in our personal thought.  We listen for our own deeper feeling to know life.

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Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
1 year ago

My wife and I just had this conversation after being together over 60 years. Thank you ladies.

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