Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 116: Insights Lead Us to Growth and Change

Once we begin to notice how the power of thinking works and how we change as our understanding deepens, it becomes a thrilling lifetime learning experience to experience new insights and keep growing and changing.  We are taught early on that “figuring out” is the way to learn, but very few people are taught that insight is the way to grow and find deeper and deeper peace and contentment.  We learn facts that are already known from our intellect.  But insight brings us fresh and deeper understanding of our own experience and true knowledge about the possibilities that arise from a quieter mind, looking to see beyond the already known.

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Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
11 months ago

Thank You From Mr Pickleball. Have been able to go to that quiet space and recover. Just a moment of being human.

Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
11 months ago
Reply to  Ed Anderson

March 9 2023. Sitting in my “swamp”, my back yard here in Davenport,Florida reflecting on events in my life the past several days after you posted my story. No words that I can express can give justice to what I have received from your podcast of psychology has it backwards. Peace to all beings.

Biz Burnett
Biz Burnett
8 months ago

I laughed when Judy said “There’s always a sale on negative thoughts.” Then I thought, “Seems like EVERY thought — negative or positive — is BOGO (Buy One, Get One free).

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