Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 118: Seeing Hopelessness for What It Is

In traditional psychology, practitioners often see “resistance” in clients.  Resistance, from the standpoint of the Principles, is really hopelessness.  People lose hope that they have innate mental well-being, that they always have access to their own wisdom, that they are born with the gift of creating their own reality, and that peace of mind is always within them, even though they can obscure it indefinitely with personal thinking.  As we get trapped in our intellect, which only knows the past, we are living in the prison of our own thoughts.  Rediscovering hope is seeing that it is one thought away, and we hold the key to the presence, peace of mind and trust in wisdom that sets us free.

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Tracey Marie Mc quoid
Tracey Marie Mc quoid
10 months ago

Loved as I always do your both so inspiring…. And these are my take away notes from todays podcast ..
Remember the metaphor..that there is always the pilot light on a gas stove ..
Be GRATEFUL when your in a high mood and be GRACEFUL when your in a low mood
Thoughts and worries are like BALLOONS the more air you blow into them the bigger they get … when you don’t give them any more air …notice
or attention they just POP ⭐️

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