Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 119: Getting To Know Yourself

We all have in common that we emerge into life from the power of Divine Mind, Thought, and Consciousness and we use that power to create our experience.  Every single one of us uses it differently, and builds their own unique personal thought system.  Even after we see that finding peace of mind and access to wisdom to guide us through life is the path to happiness and contentment, we still stumble into our own entrenched “realities.”  Knowing ourselves means being “onto” our long-held habits of thought by which we innocently trap ourselves in the past or in hopelessness.  Once we’re “onto” ourselves, wisdom shows us the way to peace.  We know our “true selves” as spiritual beings experiencing life.

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Dovi Shain
Dovi Shain
1 year ago

There was something extra special in this podcast for me…truly magical!
Thank you so much for your generosity and time.

Robin Allen
Robin Allen
10 months ago

Thank you. My wife and I feel we have our own breakfast therapists! We listen every morning and so enjoy the opportunity for fresh thought ourselves.

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