Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 120: Trauma-Focused vs. Wisdom-Focused Approach

Psychology is traditionally focused on solving problems.  Right now, there is a focus on working through past traumas.  We say that when you dredge up the past, you get trapped in something that cannot change.  Every time you think about it, you relive it, but you can’t make it turn out differently.  With the 3P perspective, a Wisdom-Focused approach, we help people see we all create life from the inside-out via Mind, Consciousness, and Thought, and explain that all people have innate Wisdom, available through a quiet mind, to guide them through life.  We point people to being safe in the present moment, understanding the past is now only thoughts we choose to carry forward via our own gift of Thought.

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Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
1 year ago

Hi ladies, just wanted to say thanks again for the wisdom you offer on not dwelling on the past. Since your March 4th article on my event I have listened to a lot of your past recordings and I am really enjoying them. I spend less ans less time in low feelings and enjoy more and more positive feelings. Continue with my 3 principles studies and just enjoy life as it happens. Could you address the role of meditations in your work.

Sandy Schelander
Sandy Schelander
1 year ago

Bravo and thank you!

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