Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 121: “Positive” Feelings vs. “Finding the Feeling”

Many people mistake excitement, high-energy, cheerfulness as “the positive feelings” we talk about in the Three Principles.  They assume that having a good time, being temporarily happy, is the desirable state.  The Feeling we point to is deep peace of mind, a sense of connection to the moment and to the universe, a feeling that generates quietude, appreciation, love, and contentment, regardless of circumstances.  From this feeling, we find faith in wisdom, always accessible but not always accessed, knowing that it is a Divine source of guidance through life.  Once we experience that feeling, we lose tolerance for times when we are caught up in personal thinking, and look to return to quiet.

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Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
11 months ago

Thank you again for your insightful thoughts. Look forward to every new episode. Sending love from somewhere in the UNIVERSE.

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