Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 123: The “Process” of Change

“What do you mean by ‘change is one thought away’?” people often ask us.  “Isn’t change a hard, long process of working through stuff?”  As we come to understand the inside-out nature of thought, how our thoughts create the moment-to-moment reality we experience, we recognize that change occurs when we realize something we didn’t know before.  For example, in 3 Principles work, many people’s lives changed completely as soon as they realized their feelings were a reliable guide to the quality of their thinking, and they didn’t need to “figure out” ways to get rid of negative feelings.  All it took was quieting their thoughts and allowing new thoughts to come to mind.

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Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
1 year ago

Another great post. Along with my pickleball routine I brought a bike last week. I have a limited warranty and can not find the expiration date. Life is good but way to short. Love and kindness coming your way.

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