Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 124: Why Do People Think We’re a Cult?

For 50 years, since Sydney Banks first shared his profound insight into how the intelligent energy of creation manifests in human beings as the power to think, to create our unique experience of life, some people have called us a cult.  Mr. Banks spent his life telling people not to be followers, but to find their wisdom and insight to guide them through life.  He shared what he saw about the innate health within all people.  He refused to give advice, and avoided any situation in which people tried to make this about him personally, not about his discovery.  We are people who all see the beauty and power within everyone, and point people to their innate capacity for peace and joy.  No one tells us what to think or do.

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Kathy Marshall
Kathy Marshall
1 year ago

The rarest and most understudied form of awe is “epiphany” … knowing, sensing, seeing, and understanding fundamental truths… transforming how we see the essential nature of the world” (Marshall personal communication with Keltner, and Keltner, “Awe”, 2023). Discoveries of this magnitude are noticed, studied, followed, debated, researched, examined, implemented, and even institutionalized or modified. Syd Banks’ “epiphany” was this kind of awe and merits attention and exploration worldwide. Such attention should never be confused with cultism.
Kathy Marshall 2023

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