Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 129: What Is a Happy Life?

When we talk about living a happy life, we are not talking about living in denial of the facts of life events, we are not describing a life miraculously free of trouble, we are not suggesting a strategy of avoidance.  Happiness is a deep feeling of well-being, of confidence in our moment-to-moment access to the guidance of wisdom and insight, of faith that we have all our resources to address life issues available from a quiet and content mind.  Happiness shines from people; we are all drawn to people with that bright life force.  Happy people respond to life moment-to-moment.  They do not dwell on the past or worry about the future, but create the best possible response to life in the present.

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Robin Allen
Robin Allen
7 months ago

Totally love what you ladies say. Can’t add to it, don’t want to.

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