Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 130: The Power of Quiet

We often encourage our clients to “reflect” rather than “think about” or “figure out” life situations.  Reflection is a quiet mind in a peaceful feeling; it is when we turn off the spigot of our personal thinking and listen for the natural flow of the stream of wisdom.  Wisdom comes to us directly from the unknown, before thought, and it is our source of guidance, insight, fresh ideas, and just common sense.  Wisdom informs the intellect but the intellect has nothing to offer wisdom.  When our minds are quiet, regardless of what is going on around us, we can count on wisdom to give us the thoughts we need in that moment.  Quiet is our natural state of mind, the default setting we return to when our personal thinking stops.

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Monica Brady
Monica Brady
11 months ago

So good. Thank you for your sharing . I love listening to all that you point to. Beautiful reminders ❤️

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