Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 132: What If the Principles “Aren’t Working” for You?

Often our clients bring up some version of, “I understand what you’re talking about, but knowing it just isn’t helping me.”  The Principles are not about “what,” but about “how” life works, and SEEING what it truly means that we are the thinkers always creating our own experience.  What “works” is listening for the feeling behind the words, allowing your own habitual personal thinking to quiet, so that insights can arise within you.  We are pointing towards the inner spiritual nature of life, and doing our best to foster the connection that allows clients to see for themselves.  But what works is not our words, but the space of quiet beyond the words, that sets the stage for your own insights.

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Biz Burnett
Biz Burnett
6 months ago

An A+++ episode, Ladies!

Teresa Overgaard
Teresa Overgaard
6 months ago

Great podcast! Loved the statement “we are a blank slate before thinking”Keep up the good work

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