Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 133: Feeling Your Feelings?

A misunderstanding that arises from talk about the Principles is the idea of “listening for a feeling” or “following your feelings.”  When we create thoughts, images in our mind, Consciousness allows us to recognize our thoughts and to understand whether they are helpful.  Our feelings provide feedback.  When our thoughts are producing negative feelings, that tells us it is time to quiet down, clear our heads, take a break from our personal thinking.  When our thoughts are producing positive feelings, we can trust our thinking and take our thoughts to heart.  Our feeling state is not something to indulge or examine, but simply a guidance system to let us know when we need to quiet down.

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Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
10 months ago

Thank you ladies. Just turned 78 and look forward to your talks every week.

Diane Johnson
Diane Johnson
10 months ago

Love love love this episode and can’t wait to share it with some of my coaching clients.

9 months ago

Ladies, you are absolutely fantastic in your conversations. They flow quietly with love and during listening, deep within me a wonderful feeling arises. This episode resonated deeply with me. Making me more aware using feelings as feedback system. Thank you, and keep on doing what you do, beacuse you are so good at it

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