Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 134: It’s ALL Thought

The Principle of Thought describes the absolute power every individual has to create their own experience of life.  We do not experience anything we have not thought, whether it’s a memory, a fear, a desire, a pain, a recognition, a profound insight.  Until it enters our mind as a thought, it has not happened for us.  The good news is we have free will, and we can allow thoughts to pass, think again, look into quietude for new thoughts, turn old thoughts over and over in our mind, dwell on painful thoughts, play with fanciful thoughts, imagine a new direction.  Realizing that life truly is all thought is the key to our peace of mind, happiness, and enjoyment of life in the moment.  It is our freedom to change.

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Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
6 months ago

Thank you ladies. Judy, I enjoyed your interview with Angus and Rossi.

Sue Hannah
Sue Hannah
6 months ago

Thanks so much Judy and Lori, I really liked this episode. It was a timely re-minder for me to notice that I’m having some Thoughts that are a bit troublesome and I don’t have to ‘run with them’ or believe them. Relax and let them go, see my innocence and others instead who are doing the same. It’s just another learning and growing moment for me to love life more, not less and that responsibility is always mine. Step up, not down. Thank you…Sue.

Qb uk
Qb uk
6 months ago

Absoloutly awesome episode, have shared this with everyone I can. Succinctly summarises 3P in a way that is accessible to newbies. Thank you

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