Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 136: How Do We Know What the Words Mean?

People are always asking us to “define” Mind, Thought, and Consciousness again, or put them in different words.  If you’re trying to “figure out” the Principles by looking at the words, you can easily become frustrated and confused.  Definitions are the intellect trying to figure things out.  Look to understand how life works through us, from within us.  Experience the life force that is our spirit in action, recognize how real our thinking looks and feels to us, and how quickly life looks different and we feel differently, as our thoughts change.  We never come to the end of understanding the Principles, but as our minds quiet, we get a deeper and deeper feeling for what they mean to each of us.

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Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
9 months ago

Wow. What a great 28 minutes in my life.

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