Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 137: Humility

Most of us grew up being told that humility was recognition that we were “mere mortals,” or that humility was a set of behaviors — modesty, consideration for others’ feelings and needs, being grateful.  The Principles describe a universal fact: we all come from the pure energy of life, and before we use our gifts to think and see our thinking as our reality, we are all the same.  Pure energy; pure potential to think.  Humility is our own insight that that is true: we are distinguished by our unique thoughts, but the universal capacity TO think is the source of our understanding of humility.  Anyone can change.  We are all equally free and capable of changing the thoughts we create and thus changing our reality.

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Jerry Lee Allen
Jerry Lee Allen
9 months ago

Wow!, you ladies have done it again. Every Podcast has a new insight for us. Today we loved the moment of silence & felt your love. And Judith, most folks who uproute their lives & move half a continent away would be so stressed, but YOU, welcomed the change and embraced the newness of your new life! what a wonderful message. these Podcasts start our day on the right foot. Mahalo for your love & devotion to Syd’s message. Jerry Lee & Robin

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