Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 138: Acting Spiritual vs. Understanding the Spiritual Nature of Life

The essence of The Three Principles is that everything in the world originates from Spiritual Energy formed into thought.  The Principles belong to the Spiritual realm; they describe how the energy of life works and what creation is.  Often, when people hear “spirituality,” they think religions, but religions are the form the energy of spirituality has taken.  Often people mistake spirituality for a learned behavior: they take certain actions or define themselves certain ways to show they’re Spiritual.  But Spirituality is not a designation; it is a truth of life.  We are all spiritual beings; everything created arose from the Divine Intelligence of the Spiritual realm.  We discover our spirituality in a beautiful feeling of ease and contentment.

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Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
6 months ago

Thanks. Pickleball Ed here. Can you address triggers and how they cause your acts to overpower your beliefs. I have listened to all your podcasts and believe in what Sydney Banks speaks about in his writings. I was diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar in 2004. Thought I was ok and then had a trigger that caused me to admit myself into VA mental health. OK today but still have a fear that another trigger could cause me a greater risk.

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