Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 149: The Principles Are Alive, Not Theoretical

The Principles describe the way the formless energy behind life manifests in the creation of form. They describe the way creation works. Divine Mind, formless intelligent energy, is the force behind all of creation. Divine Thought is what allows us to bring ideas and images to life within our own minds. Divine Consciousness, the energy behind awareness, allows us to see our thoughts as true, as the reality we experience. The Principles are descriptive of what it means to be alive and how we navigate our way through the world in which we live. They are not a Theory. They are the true explanation of the inside-out nature of our experience of life; we are living what we think and thus see as real.

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Biz Burnett
Biz Burnett
13 days ago

You “hit it out of the park” with this episode! Thank you!!

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