Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 152: Levels of Understanding the Illusion of Thought

When you hear about the Principles, you hear of “Levels of Consciousness.”  What does this mean? Our ever-changing “level” is the degree to which we have insights that lead us to realize that all thought is illusion, merely what we make up in the moment.  All of it, even though early on, much of it seemed “real.”  The more we realize that the power to think is what sets us free and the content is variable and transitory, the higher our level of consciousness.  The level is our ability to live at peace, knowing that everyone’s thoughts are unique.  It allows us to find love and understanding for all people because we are all the same before we create the illusion, just thinkers making up our experience of what we see.

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Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
1 month ago

Great episode.

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