Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 154: Separate Realities

Each one of us is always creating our own experience of reality with our unique power to think.  So there really is no such thing as objective reality.  We all see what we see; someone looking at the same situation will see it differently.  Indeed, in a different state of mind, WE may see it entirely differently.  So our experience of life is unique to each of us, and what we see for ourselves looks compelling and true to us.  The Principles explain this.  Seeing the truth of this reveals why disagreement and conflict occur and why they are understandable and forgivable.  We’re all acting on what appears to be true or right to us; no one else sees it exactly as we do.

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Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
1 month ago

Thanks for another great talk. Could you do a talk on euthymia?

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