Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 155: Changing Our Minds

The definition of changing our minds is “having a new thought.”  It is natural to allow thoughts to come and go, responsive to the moment, without attachment to any thought.  If we get stuck on a thought, though, we hold onto it.  We think some things so often for so long that they seem more “real” to us.  We all have ideas we assume are true because we’ve always thought them.  We easily let go of passing thoughts and we change our minds all day long without even realizing it.  In the face of habitual thoughts, though, it takes an insight to change.  As we understand the true nature of thought, we increasingly lose attachment to our thoughts and live in the moment, easily changing our minds.

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21 days ago

lovely post, shows it’s an experiential learning helped by some information about the nature of Thought and insight.

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