Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 156: Always Seeing Something New

When we recognize the simplicity of living in the now, following our wisdom as things come to mind, we live at peace.  We benefit from a flow of insight which allows us to see more clearly our own power to think and create our experience of reality and understand life.  We learn as we go, finding the lessons and blessings in disappointment as well as in great outcomes.  We are inspired by fresh thought, and we start to see that we can’t figure things out or force a plan to work out; but we always get the thought we need when it’s needed and we are guided through life.  When we ruminate about the past or worry about the future, we accidentally abandon our natural peace of mind to things outside our control.

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Tamsin Butters
22 days ago

Hi Judy and Chris

I never miss your wonderful podcasts, but have not commented here before. Having just listened to your latest one I am very much drawn to! Just so much of your conversation resonated with me. Three things immediately made me want to comment. 1 Judy you talking about sharing your excitement and interest in physics with the lady you were walking with…only today I had a very similar insight to you about the formless, energy part of the Universe after hearing it briefly mentioned on our BBC news here in the UK. It was a statement about a machine to smash atoms in a bid to find missing 95% of the Universe!! I immediately got the insight that is no surprise to me given its formless and infinite nature. And as you said the focus is often on the form. I just thought wow and have just found the link to the article. I attach it below for interest as I am SO similar to you being endlessly occupied with such things and then looking up references etc and love seeing what percolates from reflecting on things…so very different to thinking about known stuff…fresh thought and insights they bring is so exciting to me.


2 Judy your reference to your client with early dementia. My Ma has memory issues and she often talks of not needing to remember the past as she was never very interested in it anyway, preferring to live in the moment…but more importantly she lives in the moment all the time now and gets a lot of enjoyment there despite not being able to share about things per se afterwards to much…which she is aware of, but she doesn’t sweat it. I see that as living from Mind and she/I don’t get caught up in the lack of brain thinking…It makes for a much nicer experience for both of us…

3 I loved Chris’s reference to how much more alive and interesting it is to work with clients in the way we do, to always see their innate health and what magic occurs for both the client and practioner from that in the moment connection, listening and seeing what fresh gets sparked/comes to mind…And the never ending infinite capacity/possibilites that come from that…higher levels of consciousness and our own new learning….It really is quite something!! Apologies, I got a bit excited by your conversation, but I’ll stop there.

I am coming to the 3P Conference in person and really hope you will be able to hold some Psychology Has it Backwards breakouts or similar…I very much hope to meet you both. Warmest wishes Tamsin

Robin Allen
Robin Allen
18 days ago

Thank you ladies for another smashing podcast. I wanted to add to Judy’s comments about the quantum field. I don’t remember where this came from but I know Syd led me there.
The infinite (hardly something we can intellectualize about but here goes) is tied to the now or maybe is the now. Since in the NOW (not the moment) there is no time you could consider that to be our glimpse into the infinite as the infinite is timeless.

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