Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 157: Mistaking Creating Our Experience of Reality for “Manifesting”

People are often confused by the power we have as thinkers to create our experience of reality.  It does NOT mean that we can stare at a new car in a showroom and manifest it in our life; it does not mean we can wish for an outcome of a situation and make it happen.  Life is happening; there is actual reality in which we live.  But what WE see of it, we see from our own thinking.  So in a low state of mind, we might look out at a rainy day and feel glum about having to go out in it.  In a different state of mind, we might just remember to take an umbrella and feel grateful that the rain will help the flowers grow.  Reality does not create what we think and feel about it; we create what we think and feel about reality.

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Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
15 days ago

Great. FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Breathein, breathe out. Move on.

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