Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 165: Words We Use That Are Often Misinterpreted by the Intellect

There are many expressions that are used when people are sharing the Principles that are easily grasped and interpreted by our intellect, but do not mean what people commonly think they mean.  Our intellect, the repository of everything we have learned or know so far, is quick to jump in and give us easy answers.  That is why we tell people to listen for the feeling, or listen beyond the words.  Here we offer some examples of this.  A common one is the word “listen.”  The intellect listens to remember information.  A good listener, to most people, is someone who can retain and repeat information they’ve heard.  When we talk about listening, we’re talking about having nothing on our mind at all as we take things in, and then, from a clear mind, “hearing” what we have taken from the experience.  Listening is not thinking about what another person is saying as they talk; listening is a deeper experience of understanding.  Our words do not do justice to the depth of the Principles.

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