Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 24: Moods: Having Them Without Them Having You

Often, we feel like we are prisoners of our moods. We think our moods control our thinking, so we use a bad mood as an excuse for what we’re doing or saying: “Don’t mind me, I’m in a bad mood today.” That is an innocent misunderstanding of how our own thinking generates our moods, and how we keep ourselves stuck in them by not realizing we are still thinking the low mood thoughts. Our moods are the barometer of our thinking. As our heads fill with upsetting thoughts, we feel increasingly upset. The answer to an unpleasant mood is letting thoughts pass and quieting our minds.

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3 years ago

Seems so obvious but yet so elusive at times.
It’s the answer to almost all my projected end of the world scenarios. There is! blue sky behind those clouds

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