Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 25: Moods and Relationships

Moods are like our personal, ever-changing weather. When we’re gray and cloudy, others can feel the gloom. When we’re stormy, people avoid us, or react defensively. When we’re sunny, we brighten every interaction. Once we understand that feelings are the atmosphere in which people relate to each other, regardless of the words spoken, we see when to remain quiet until a mood passes, when not to take others’ statements personally, and when we can talk about anything from a space of love and understanding. Awakening to our own and others’ variable states of mind is the secret to keeping all relationships on track. We gain compassion for ourselves and others during the storms.

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11 months ago

So helpful!! We should all know this stuff, but we don’t, or if we do know this, we sometimes forget. Love your podcast!

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