Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 39: The Diagnosis Trap, Part 2

Increasingly, we’ve noticed people feeling defined by their diagnosis, even in some cases seeing it as a “reason” for issues that arise in their life. Comments like, “It’s my depression kicking in,” or “My anxiety is really bothering me this week,” or “I’m bipolar and lately I have more lows than highs.” The general focus on labels for misunderstood thinking causes both individuals and therapists to focus on the problem, what they perceive as wrong, rather than finding hope for cure and relief from temporary distress.

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Robin Allen
Robin Allen
1 year ago

Just found these podcasts and loving them!
Hearing how you help people has deepened our understanding of the connections between thought, feelings and our everyday life. What better way to get a daily reminder then to hear your professional and knowledgeable voices telling us the truth as to the way things are.
Many thanks,
Robin and Jerry Lee

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