Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 44: We Don’t Have To Live up to Expectations Psychology Creates About How To React to Our Experiences

Because traditional psychology is focused on the contents of our thinking and the behaviors that result, there are many, many well-meaning books and articles offering advice about how we should feel in various negative situations. Thus people worry if they can’t correctly follow the five stages of grief, or if they don’t freak out if they are unfairly blamed for something, or if they remain calm during a traumatic event, or if they get over a bad event “too quickly.” The truth is, we all access our own wisdom in our own way, and we have a natural guide, innate health, that will always lead us to the answers we need for ourselves.

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Lee Lee
Lee Lee
2 years ago

♥️ Lovely way of living based on insight, wisdom & common sense, Thank You Christine

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