Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 52: The Key To Letting Go of Hurt Feelings and a Broken Heart Is Not Analysis

Most of us have gone through a time in our life when we’ve had our heart broken or feelings hurt in relationships with friends and lovers. Misunderstanding of why things are happening comes from our own analysis of the events. We feel wronged and sometimes justified in holding onto grudges, feeling hateful, and obsessing about all the negative things that happened, but this only keeps us stuck in the past and personalizing everything.

Finding peace and moving on comes not from analyzing the situation but from accessing our own innate health and listening to our wisdom. We can then see the past from a different vantage point and once again find happiness.

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2 years ago

Thank you both for your fabulous podcasts, I love pecking at the crumbs of wisdom you spread for us :-). Good luck with the move and all good wishes for a wonderful start in Pennsylvania, Judy.

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