Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 53: How We Talk Ourselves Out of Doing Things

We frequently talk ourselves out of inspiration by trusting our insecure thinking. Then we can get caught up in analyzing an infinite number of reasons WHY we’re doing what we’re doing. In this episode, we bring it back to simplicity and discuss how learning to quiet down, listen to your wisdom, and trust the thinking that comes to you, helps you to follow through and get the things done that you really want to do.

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Claudia Christman
Claudia Christman
2 years ago

This was a great podcast for me. You described my like and it was fun to shh how much different I experience life. Thank you as always, Aloha

Tracey Marie Mc quoid
Tracey Marie Mc quoid
2 years ago

Hello from Italy and Thank you so much I really love your conversations

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