Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 55: “Intelligent” vs. “Intelligence”

The intellect is our personal library, the collection of all the thoughts, experiences and knowledge we have had. It represents everything we already know. “Intelligence,” on the other hand, is wisdom, insight, common sense — new knowledge that arises in response to present moment curiosity. When we “don’t know” what to say or do or how to respond, going to the intellect to “figure it out,” or ruminating about it, will not provide an answer. If we know the answer, we’ll have it right away. If we don’t know, the answer is in the unknown. The unknown from quiet wondering, listening deeply and waiting for fresh thought. It’s where the thrill of discovery and the adventure of life in the moment arise.

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Gina Siporin
Gina Siporin
2 years ago

Excellent episode. Love the phone analogy!! Thanks

Sandy Schelander
Sandy Schelander
2 years ago

Such great reminders – thank you!

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