Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 66: Trauma-Focused Treatment vs. Health-Focused Treatment

Many therapy approaches are focused on trauma, based on the assumption that people who have experienced trauma must come to peace and move on in life. Three Principles practitioners assume people can realize that past trauma is a memory, a ghostly image from the past recalled in the present and re-experienced via Consciousness. It has no power but the power people give it as it comes to mind. We focus on understanding the nature of thought that allows us to recall memories and see them for what they are without suffering in the present.

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2 years ago

wow, what a fabulous session!! I’ve passed the link on straight away to some visitors in the Heartfelt Presence zoomroom. Yes please, – do another session on trauma. Thank you so so much for your incredibly generous offerings and mentoring here and in 3pgc plus plus.

Nathaniel Moore
Nathaniel Moore
2 years ago

A great conversation!!! I can’t wait to hear more! It is time to shift from the method of talking through your trauma for relief. As Judy said “we are not going to talk about the past; we are going to share about where we are and where we are going.” The deeper I understand the nature of thought, the more I am able to enjoy my life moment by moment.
Much Love and Respect to you both,

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