Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 68: Trauma-Focused Treatment vs. Health-Focused Treatment, Part 2

Some treatments for those who have experienced trauma assume that past trauma manifests in people’s bodies, and creates chronic pain or discomfort. From a 3P perspective, trauma is not a “thing” or a “condition;” it is a memory, images carried forward through time which come to life as feelings via consciousness when the thought is present. The brain and the body and our physical feelings are all part of the world of form; our thinking is a spiritual power, our way of using the formless energy of life to generate our own experience of our lives. So we may “feel” trauma as we recall it, but what we are feeling is our Consciousness bringing a memory to life. When the memory fades, or when we come to understand what thought and memories are, the experience of it changes.

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Larry Williams
Larry Williams
1 year ago

Absolutely fabulous insights. Thank you, ladies.

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