Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 71: Innate Health Is the Heart of Well-Being

We talk about Innate Health as fundamental to the effect of the Principles.  It’s good to stop to appreciate what a gift it is to mankind. Innate Health is the spiritual core of well-being that cannot be touched by the circumstances of our life.  It is our intuitive knowing that we’re OK, deep-down, and we can rise above our problems.  It’s the resource that allows us to survive and thrive.  It is our default setting that renews our resilience once we quiet down in the midst of turmoil; we naturally return to balance and wisdom as we understand the nature of thought and allow dysfunctional thinking to pass.  People resonate with the very mention of Innate Health because it is a profound universal truth about humanity.

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Gina Siporin
Gina Siporin
1 year ago

Thank you

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