Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 8: Can We Get Beyond Trauma?

Many people think experiencing trauma dooms us to long-standing psychological pain. No doubt, trauma results in horrible memories that are distressing when they come to mind. But with an understanding of how the mind works and what the past really is, we can allow those thoughts to come and go, and move on with life.

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Georgina Mavor
Georgina Mavor
3 years ago

Briliant explanation of trauma. I love the analogy with the stove – mechanics of the brain just looking after us. But we are more than our brains. Understand what’s going on, whether it’s memory driving us home when we aren’t really present, or memory creating ‘be careful’ when we are out and about, and we have a whole different way of responding. Quieten our minds down and we can sort ‘threat’ – real and memory based – out.

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