Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 80: Decision-Making: Knowing When It’s Right

Most of us got the message growing up that success is an outcome of making and adhering to careful plans.  A deeper understanding of how our minds work, of the Principles, leads us to realize that having a direction, or intention, is helpful, but detailed plans keep the intellect busy and judgmental.  That holds wisdom at bay.  Deep listening, and patience to wait until an action or decision arises from wisdom, take us down unexpected paths towards our destinations, and often protect us from poor choices.  We “know” it when when seeing it leaves us feeling settled, secure and confident.

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Dennis Weber
Dennis Weber
1 year ago

You have some great ideas for me I went to work for this company for 1 year 3 months to make there drywall and paint company Profitable Which I did So now I’m going back into business for myself and I and I enjoy listening to you do I’m gonna go back in the business for myself Thank you for your input Signing up Dennis Webber

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