Psychology Has It Backwards

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Episode 85: It Can’t Be That Simple!

Because we have become accustomed to mental illness being difficult and complicated to diagnose and treat, the idea that all diagnoses arise from a common problem, the innocent misuse of our power to think, seems ridiculously simple.  But the Principles reduce the complexity of all the thinking that has been done about our psychology and ourselves to the simplicity of creation: we are born through the energy of creation and we use that energy to create thoughts that consciousness brings to life as our perceived reality.  Once we see this, we cannot be frightened by our own thoughts.

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2 months ago

would love to hear the interview with the artist, Judy!

Joan Junge
Joan Junge
2 months ago

Thanks for the wonderful articulation of Syd’s divine insight❣️ Joan, Minocqua, WI

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