Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 89: A “Thing” or a “Thought?”

We tend to see ideas we have often as “things,” — baked into a reality.  We do that with our life stories, our training, our political or religious convictions, our personalities.  In our minds, they are “the way it is” or “the way I am.”  Understanding the inside-out nature of Thought, of the fact that each time we bring a thought to mind it is transitory — either a memory drawn from our intellect, or a new idea altogether.  Thoughts appear real in the present only while they are on our minds.  Thoughts are not “things” with a reality of their own; they are images in the kaleidoscope of our lives.  They appear, and disappear, as our attention shifts.  We will not “see” them again unless we think them again.

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Robin Allen
Robin Allen
1 year ago

Beautiful discussion that really resonates! Knowing what’s not real can lead to what is. That being the single spiritual power before thought. The “thing” that never changes. The rest, as Syd would say “is illusion”. Thank you for this awesome reminder.

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