Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 90: Discovery of Spiritual Nature vs. Creation of Beliefs

Principles are discoveries of eternal truths that allow us to understand life more deeply.  Principles are at work behind life whether we know them or not.  In the case of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, the Principles explain where beliefs come from: Mind, the formless energy of all things, empowering thoughts, which Consciousness brings to our awareness as “reality” (experience of life).  They explain why our own thinking looks so real and important to us — and why we can change our minds.  Beliefs are the many ways thinking has manifested and taken root in people’s thinking as meaningful as ideas are shared.  They are real as long as we think they are real, and over time, they can change, or come and go.

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Amber Walker
Amber Walker
1 year ago

Absolutely beautiful best explanation I have ever heard up to this point in time thank you thank you thank you I really look forward to each one of these please don’t stop

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