Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 96: The Past, Part 3: How the Past Tricks and Serves Us

Anything that pulls us out of the present moment, when we are creating our life, is memory.  Memories can be powerful, beautiful, touching, or horrifying, upsetting, sad.  No matter what, the past tricks us and keeps us from living life in the now, moment-to-moment.  We can recall past joy and think the present can never measure up to it; we can remember past upset and think it is ruining our lives.  Understanding the past is not about sorting out the content of our thinking, but recognizing that the past, good or bad, is over.  We can’t change it; we can’t fix it; we can’t make it happen again.  We can learn from the past, deeply appreciate it, or leave it behind.  But true contentment is found in the now.

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