Psychology Has It Backwards

Episode 141: Why Don’t I Have Better Friends?

We are often asked, “Why is my child hanging out with ‘bad’ friends?” Or “Why do I keep falling for abusive men?” Or “Why do I keep doing business with people who cheat me?” Those questions arise from one deeper question: “What is it about the state of mind I live in that attracts me to the ‘wrong’ people?” Everyone lives in a range of feeling and understanding that they would call “normal.” People who live at the same level we do feel safe and familiar. So our own security and peace of mind determine our associations. As we change, some drift away and others are drawn in. If we want “better” friends, we deepen our own understanding and find more peace of mind. Then it happens naturally.

Episode 142: It’s Not a Profession; It’s a Personal Experience

People tend to define themselves according to the outside world.  We try to “be” something or someone, pursuing the ideas we and others have made up about ourselves, and react to events and people.  The Principles show us we are guided by our spiritual power of Thought and, when we have peace of mind, by the quiet wisdom beyond our personal knowledge.  Once we find stillness of our own minds, we act with the certainty, strength, and confidence wisdom brings.  We fearlessly follow opportunities life presents us.  We are at ease.  We gain the perspective that allows us to understand others, and find peace with differences, rather than fighting for the illusions of our own thinking.

Episode 143: Shame

Many people struggle with the painful feeling of shame.  Perhaps we were told as children that we “should be ashamed” of something.  Perhaps we suffered mistreatment that we interpreted to mean we were not worthy of love and care.  Perhaps we did things for which we harbor shame.  Shame is nothing more than a negative thought about ourselves.  As we understand that people are always doing what makes sense to them at the time, given their level of consciousness, we realize that there is nothing to be ashamed of.  We can see beyond negative situations and learn from them, but there is no shame in being human.

Episode 144: [Rerun] Episode 107: Our Innate Nature Is Pure Love

(We are re-sharing a podcast from last year during the holiday season because it feels timely to us to remind ourselves and all of us that love and understanding are the answer to to human suffering and the problems of the world.)

The universal energy of creation finds expression in human beings through our ability to think and experience our thinking.  It moves from perfect formlessness into the forms we create via thoughts.  We “see” thoughts come to life as our personal reality.  We remember our thoughts, which become our personal “library.”  But each moment is a moment in which we choose to recall and reconsider memories or bring fresh thoughts from formless energy to form, so every moment offers the possibility of a fresh start.  When we discover our true spiritual nature, formless energy at the essence, we are in touch with pure, unconditional love and understanding, the source of life and the forms we give love in it.