Psychology Has It Backwards

Psychology Has It Backwards:

The Program

90-minute Zoom group sessions with Christine Heath and Judy Sedgeman

Can we break free of the illusion that we have to fix ourselves or cope with our circumstances in order to be secure and happy?

These Zoom groups are for people who want to turn away from suffering and problem-solving and turn around to the health and happiness within us.

These groups will help you to find FOR YOURSELF what you already have to be a healthy and successful coach, parent, partner, teacher, trainer, or person because we will be focusing on the magic that is within you to be secure and happy, no matter what!

“Drop in” on a flexible basis — we are happy to see you whenever you can join us.

Register Here

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🌏 International participants, please be aware that Daylight Savings Time BEGINS in the US Eastern time zone on March 12, 2024.

🍁🥧 NO SESSIONS on Nov. 21 or 22, due to US Thanksgiving Week. 🥧🍁

** NOTE 1: Registration for each date opens 8 weeks in advance. **

** NOTE 2: We have switched back to Thursdays (instead of Tuesdays) US Eastern Time. **

📌 Program Policies

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Eileen LeBlanc
Eileen LeBlanc
2 years ago

I’m very excited to join this program. I have so appreciated the clarity from your podcasts and I’m sure I can get a deeper understanding with your experience and wisdom.

2 years ago

I love your podcast! I love your wisdom, and what I love most is Judy’s small bursts of laughter as Christine speaks. Strange… Something about that back-ground laughter – natural, spontaneous, and unassuming – is the sweetest accompanying “music”. As if all the wisdom in the world is unfolded there.

2 years ago
Reply to  Elisha

Totally agree! Love judy’s laugh and both Judy and chris speak such common sense, great podcast! Thankyou both! Xxx

Elizabeth A. Lovejoy-Yundt

I am so glad you two are offering us this opportunity! Mahalo nui loa!

2 years ago

I would love to join your zoom meetings (podcasts) I dont know exactly what to do though.

Elizabeth A. Lovejoy-Yundt

Aloha, although I have not been on the zoom meetings for a year, I have been following the podcasts and truly enjoying the space there!!
You Dynamic Duo through every idea and have helped me to articulate stuff my family and friends have wrestled with for years- so, thank you on behalf of them as well. I think I have a half dozen of them also tuning in each week and then we spend some of our quality time talking (well) about you!
Through sharing these principles, and our own insights based upon yours- truly amazing connections and transformations have happened to each of us, and I am deeply grateful to know our shared innate health.
I no longer live with a narcissistic dominant alcoholic partner… and he no longer lives with the distanced, exhausted, angry and opinionated shrew role I was stuck in. And, together we were able to launch his son and reclaim our sanctuary home with Aloha and Malama Pono- and keep our family life stable and loving in ways that nurture our community, and expand that to even help more of our community be connected in higher levels of communication and support.
The low moods happen, but the drama does not live here anymore.
Mahalo nui loa oe!!

11 months ago

Would this be suitable as a couple?

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